1. This part follows on from the previous project in Assignment 1. Now that the project sponsor has approved your Initial Project Plan (delivered in Assignment 1) and associated documents, you may proceed to the planning phase of the project by providing a formal project report for the project sponsor based on the following project planning documents. You may make any appropriate assumptions needed to enable the successful completion of the project. Again, make these assumptions explicit in your report. Use screenshots from your MS Project file. It is a mandatory requirement that you use MS Project. It should be available in the lab. Here are the required sections:

1. Gantt chart
2. Network Diagram (Critical path diagram)
3. Identify at least six milestones for this project using SMART criteria. 4. Resources table
5. Project budget, as calculated by MS Project
6. RACI Table
7. Identify 6 potential risks for this project and write the risk register for all of them. Ensure one of your risks is a positive risk.
8. Construct the Probability/ Impact Matrix for those 6 potential risks.

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This report represents the continuation of work on the project approved from the assignment 1 document. As clearly explained in the assignment 1, the scope of this project is to reallocate office and install equipment (hardware, software) in the new office premisses. Based on the project objectives defined, initial critical path and stakeholders, this assignment 2 represents a continuation of the work and it is related to the project planning phase.

Information provided in the work breakdown structure section under assignment 1 were not enough to be used alone for the planning phase. Thus, project objectives were used for the definition of the milestones for the project, as well as for risks identification and construction of the probability/impact matrix. Initial critical path and activity list were used for the gantt chart and network diagrams. And finally, stakeholders were used for the resource sheets, to calculate the resource consumption, coverage of tasks, costs and project budget. The complete project was documented in the MS Project software, and the file is provided separately from this report.

1. Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a graphical tool used by project managers to present tasks and activities of a specific project, and could be easily understandable and readable by all stakeholders. As indicated in (Maylor, 2001), it represents and easy way for monitoring the progress of a project with the start and finish dates of the activities. Furthermore, it allows tracking of the resources, indicating on which tasks specific resource is assigned and how much time it is planned for a specific task to be completed. On the other side, in case of very complex projects, gantt chart could also be very complex and not user friendly in presenting the status of a project (Gupta et al., 2016). Also, as it will be indicated on the case of this report, tasks are presented with bars, but length of a specific bar should not indicate to one who is...

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