The Effects of Conflict, Trust and Task Commitment on Project Team Performance (1685 words)

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Write an imaginary outline for any firm about (The effects of conflict, trust, and task commitment on project team performance)

The name of the book (project management achieving competitive advantage jeffrey k.pinto 3rd edition)

it should include:

1) Abstract

2) Introduction: “Explain why you find it interesting”

3) Literature of review: “Briefly summarize 2-3 papers that you find relevant”

4) Make a simple model and data

5) Results: Interpret and discuss the results you obtain from your regression

6) Conclusion and recommendation

7) References

8) The work should be of maximum 6 pages.

9) Page should be A4, 1 inch at all sides (Normal). Text should be ‘Times Roman’ and font size

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The effects of conflict, trust, and task commitment on project team performance


In this fast-changing world, teams have become an integral part of organizations since people with complementary skills come together to enhance the competitiveness of the organization.
While factors such as trust and organizational commitment increase the performance of the individuals in the team, dysfunctional conflicts has an adverse impact on their performance.

Presence of diversity creates scope for conflicts since people from different cultures having varying views may find it difficult to reconcile with the rest.
As such, it is suggested that the members should be trained and oriented to make them appreciate the benefit of teams.

They should be also given proper facilities and their personal goals should be aligned with corporate goals so that the members feel committed to the organization and are able to trust the employees also.
Such an environment would facilitate innovation and new ideas would be generated in a speedy manner. 


As there has been an increase in complexity of operating environment of organizations, it has become imperative for them to differentiate themselves and increase their responsiveness towards changes taking place in the environment.
This has led to the emergence of the concept of teams in which individuals with complementary skills come together to solve a common problem and benefit from positive synergy.

However, the success of any team is contingent on many factors. This report seeks to address the impact of trust, conflict and task commitment on the performance of the...
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