Project risk management is a critical subject for different types of projects. Write a paper about comparison of how Project risk management was presented in “Guide to the project Management body of knowledge” by PMBoK (2000) and in “Project Management for Engineering Business and Technology” by Nicholas and Steyn (2012).

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a) Risk management planning
The authors discuss the decision on how to approach planning of risks for a project. The approach to risk planning is informed by inputs such as project charter, organizations risk management policies, defined roles and responsibilities, stakeholder risk tolerances, the tools and techniques such as meetings and the eventual risk management plan.
b) Risk Identification
The authors write about the determination of the type of risks that may affect the project while documenting their characteristics. Its inputs are risk management plan, project planning outputs, risk categories and historical information. Its tools and techniques are documentation reviews, information collection techniques, checklists, assumptions, diagramming techniques. Its outputs are risks, triggers and inputs to other processes.
c) Qualitative risk analysis
The authors discuss the performance of qualitative analysis of risks and conditions as well as organize them in the order of priorities. Its inputs are risk management plan, identified risks, projects status, project type, data precision, probabilities and assumptions. Its tools and techniques are risk probability and impact, probability matrix, project assumptions and data precision ranking. Its outputs are the complete risk positioning of the project, a list of highlighted risks, a list indicating risk for additional evaluation and trends in qualitative risk...

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