Based on the reading assignment, “Twins in Trouble II, Systems Thinking in Healthcare and Education” write a brief essay of about 2000 words or less that analyzes the distinctive systems quality issues in healthcare and education that can or cannot be easily dealt with using traditional quality management methodologies.
Both of these service enterprises now have private, government, family, and longterm national sustainability/security dimensions and stakeholders.
You might wish to consider the applicability of Tribus’ remark that “If you try to improve the performance of a system of people machines and procedures by setting numerical goals for the improvement of the individual parts of the system, the system will defeat you and you will pay a price where you least expected to.
Elaborate on relevant stakeholders and their specific and sometimes unavoidable conflicts in their quality requirements and interests.
Your essay should demonstrate that you have read, understood and reflected on (not agree/disagree with) the Twin’s article, the scope/distinctiveness of the quality problems as discussed by the authors and where particular quality concepts we have studied may or may not be useful.
Discuss some of the unique issues in the article that are implicitly and explicitly relevant to healthcare and higher educational services (college/university level ) as related to current and future demographics in the USA.
Also, consider the reality that the quality of health and learning has strong individualistic constraints.

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In paper published in 2006, with the name “Twins in Trouble (II): Systems Thinking in Healthcare and Education”, Waldman and Schargel (J. Deane Waldman & P. Franklin Schargel) observed US education and healthcare system and described the root cause of dysfunction of both. They analyzed and assess several problems which are comprehensible when observed through the systems thinking approach and are commonly related to both education and healthcare systems. Guided by the fact that the nature of those problems “makes systems thinking an excellent tool for finding solutions”, authors proposed several recommendations for dealing with issues. Also, they emphasized the importance in dialogs between practitioners, experts in business and experienced systems thinkers in order to provide effective, practical, and sustainable solutions...

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