What I would like you to do is to focus on one particular topic or area presented as related to the Customer Satisfaction Improvement model, and compare the 'ideal' state presented to how this is or has been implemented in your current workplace / firm; or to a workplace / firm within which you have held a position in the past.

This comparative analysis should specifically compare the elements or features of the models or systems presented to the methods by which the firm in question attempted to achieve the same objective.

The result of your analysis should be a set of recommendations as to what changes you would suggest be implemented in this area, if you could present them to the C-level folks at your current past firm.

Be creative!
The paper is to be in a 12 pt. font, 1.5 spaced with 1” margins all around. It is to be 5 to 7 pages not including cover page, bibliography, tables, figures, charts, etc.
Any tables, figures, charts, etc. should be included in an appendix after the main body of the paper. APA or MLA citation style is used in both text and bibliography.

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Quality Function Deployment and Customer Satisfaction

Table of contents:

Table of contents: 1

Introduction: 2

What is QFD? 2

Goals in implementing QFD: 3

Steps in building a house of quality: 3

House of quality in our organization of automotive parts: 4

What is missing? And some recommendations: 5

Conclusion: 7

References: 8

Appendix: 9


The customer is the king for any business and in today’s modern complexities in the business surroundings, customer retention is very important for any company in order to increase its market share and operating profits. This essay discusses how Quality function deployment is employed in our company that sells automotive parts to the automobile companies and thereby increasing its presence in the spare parts industry of automobiles.

Quality function deployment is mainly a tool used for listening to the feedback of the customer and thereby incorporating the changes that are required by the customer into the design of the product and also the process such that the quality of the production process is customer driven.

What is QFD?

Quality Function Deployment is an essential tool for implementing quality management in the organization and turn it towards customer orientation.
Though there are lots of Total Quality Management (TQM) methods, it can be highlighted that QFD translates the customers’ needs into the technical designs of the product and process by integrating the design, manufacturing, engineering and marketing of the organization – all with a customer orientation (Akao & Mazur, 2003).

When a company goes beyond the rules to keep quality embedded in its culture, such companies go an extra mile in maintaining quality in its products and processes such that they spend less than what the other companies who do not...

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