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Global Supply Chain Risks in India Vs Vietnam

You are working a supplier development manager at Boeing. Your task is to present your recommendation along with your fact based research if Boeing should source a high precision machine part from India or Vietnam
-Output is a 2 feet square with a 1 ft. diameter circle in the middle of this block
-Raw Material Titanium block is sourced from Russia

Based on the quality of your content (clearly stated your paper position, fact based analysis, proposed solution, and conclusion) and its readability. If it is full of spelling and grammatical errors, should expect a “D” grade for this assignment.

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Global Supply Chain Risks in India Vs Vietnam

The emerging markets of India and Vietnam are two of the most attractive parts outsourcing destinations for global firms especially in the technology sector. Vietnam in particular has gained popularity in the last decade as firms that previously relied on China try to diversify their parts sources and reduce their overreliance on China due to logistical challenges and rising costs. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, manufacturing firms cannot manufacture every part they need to produce their products at their own facilities (Thakkar et al. 2011). For this reason, firms are forced to enter into joint ventures or to outsource parts manufacturing to third party vendors within or internationally. Consequently, manufacturing firms have to contend with different supply chain risks ranging from product quality to added inventory carrying costs to transit loss to cyber security to customs delays among other challenges. Figure 1 below highlights some of the supply chain risks facing companies globally.
According to Cooke (2010), in terms of development, Vietnam’s infrastructure is still decades behind China and less developed than India’s which has been the second largest parts outsourcing market after China for many years. Manufacturing hubs in Vietnam are organized in clusters with Hai Noi, Hai Duong and Bac Ninh being the main ones in the North and Dong Nai, Bing Duong and Ho Chi Minh City being the main ones in the South (Cooke, 2010). This limits the types of transportation available to outsourcing firms since most manufactured products can only be hauled by road. Unlike India, rail and barge transportation options have limited convenience in Vietnam due to the location of country’s economic clusters, thus trucking remains the most dominant mode of transportation in Vietnam. India’s supply chain risks are similar to those of Vietnam, but the former has the advantage of being one of the largest parts manufacturing outsourcing destinations. The purpose of this report is to examine if Boeing should source...

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