By drawing from supply chain management (SCM) and political economy frameworks (GVC/GPN) critically examine how leading firms govern global supply chains (either in logistics, or coffee, or cocoa or FFVs, or clothing, or coltan) and how other actors respond, reinforce or challenge prevailing power asymmetries
Write an outline about Clothing (and fast fashion).

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- Sub-Section 1: Key Players In The Clothing Industry Supply Chain
• There are different ways to complete this section. However, 300 words may be a maximum of 8 sentences only, hence try to focus on clothing companies and their collective role in the supply chain. You may want to introduce in a big way the companies you have identified in the Introduction section; this may be through looking at Yahoo! Finance or any other website for information on company’s revenues. Or, comment on their sales volume.
• Other key players to mention are the manufacturers of leather or cloth (or any major raw material for a clothing company’s products). It’s best if you will be able to name top manufacturers of leather, cloth, etc.
• Lastly, another key player in the supply chain is the group of distributors. How do Company A products reach customers? What about Company B’s products? And so on. Of course, you may choose to discuss another key player, but 300 words for this sub-section may easily be satisfied by just discussing three key players.
Sub-Section 2: How Global Is The Clothing...

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