Please highlight the major issues that you see from our 5 different functional leadership perspectives:
o Marketing / Sales
o Production / Supply Chain Operations
o Finance
o Legal / Product Life Cycle Management
o Human Resources
Consider what you might think would “Keep you up at night” if you had the Role of each Functional Leader. This should be written in complete, well-written sentences and paragraphs.

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2. Company
Reynolds American, Inc. is a tobacco company, which is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco and is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States. It is organized with subsidiaries that are responsible for manufacturing, delivering and marketing a variety of tobacco products, including cigarettes and moist snuff (RA Incorporated, 2018).

3. Key issues explanation

3.1. Marketing / Sales
According to the Forbes (2018), Reynolds American achieved sales of a $ 12.5 Billion. When it comes to the marketing and sales departments, few key issues that should definitely be considered by their management are related to the advertising campaigns against the cigarettes and the strong competition in the tobacco market. As emphasized by Pechmann and Reibling (2000), anti-smoking advertising campaigns could significantly reduce smoking. This means that a marketing should make great efforts in order to minimize the impact of these actions towards the consumers. Competition in the tobacco market is very strong especially nowadays with so many options for selling available. Trying to find new ways of selling tobacco products towards the customers (retail stores...

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