Introduction to the international ocean shipment project. It pursues the following learning objectives:
1. Through experiential learning, provide basic knowledge of shipping by ocean.
2. Continue to build skills to work in a team in an online environment.
3. Learn about logistics infrastructure of select prominent foreign countries.
4. Understand the basic work of a trading company.
5. Search, sort through and identify useful information, analyze multiple sources and learn from them.
The project is presented as a role play. You have been assigned to a team that represents a trading company, or trader, for short. Feel free to come up with a name for your company. Traders are typically in a business of “buying low, selling high.” As a trader, your group would like to start a new line of business for your company by importing a product of your choice from your assigned country into the United States and then selling that product at a profit. You should probably have a potential customer or group of customers in mind to help you determine the final destination for your shipment in the US.

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1. Product to be exported:

UAE is one of the top suppliers of aluminum foundry alloy, high-purity aluminum, and extrusion billet to more than 45 countries. It accounts for 3.4% of the world’s aluminum smelter production. Thus, the aim is to export raw aluminium in tubes, foil rolls, bars and plates.

2. Source of purchasing:

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Supplier: Siraj International,
This company have a good reputation and it was engaged on very complex projects all around the world.

3. What are the companies we are selling to:

Construction companies in USA near Washington City area:
Forma Construction
J.R Abbott Construction Inc
Lydig Construction Inc.
Sellen Construction Co Inc

4. Pricing:

Currency of purchasing: Dirham
Exchange rate: 1 Dirham ~ .27 USD. 1 USD ~ 3.67 Dirham
Average price of aluminium: 8,445.54 Dirham per metric ton / 2,299.67 dollars per metric ton...

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