“The Impact of the Internet of Things and Blockchain on Food Retailers’ Supply Chain Management in the United Kingdom”
(1) Do food retailers that use Blockchain technology and IoT in their supply chain have less waste and high food safety compared to those that do not use these technologies?
(2) Are food retailers that use Blockchain and IoT better equipped to reply to market requirements and meet customer needs?
(3) Does using Blockchain and IoT improve inventory management, save costs and reduce lead times?

Introduction Chapter:
1.1 Introduction & Background
1.2 Research Aims and Objectives
1.3 Research Questions
1.4 Research Outline

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The impact of the internet of things and blockchain on UK food retailers supply chain management

1.1 Introduction & Background

Following the worldwide popularity and wide range of applications, blockchain technology also managed to influence on the supply chain operations. Together with the internet of things that is aiming to connect physical with the digital world, blockchain is offering a great possibilities to the companies in various industries. According to the Dickson (2016), blockchain is transforming the supply chain and disrupt the way companies produce, market, purchase and consume our goods. Although, benefits could differ from one industry to another, Firedlmaier, Tumasjan and Welpe (2018) this emerging technology could introduce a lot of value if properly implemented. When it comes to the Internet of things, it is easier to identify benefits. Some of the major ones are: large arrays of low cost...

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