A negatively charged sample would be expected to migrate towards the anode (positively charged electrode). How then is it that species of all charges are detected in capillary electrophoresis at the cathode (negatively charged) end of the system?

In this question you basically should explain the two major forces that are involved in the principles of capillary electrophoresis and explain the principles of the technique in detail. Why are all compounds, no matter if charged or uncharged, moving towards the cathode? There are two principles and please use them.

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Electrophoresis involves the movement of electrically charged particles through a buffer system under influence of electric current.

In an electrophoresis system is made by 2 containers of buffer connected with a fine capillary tube. Now under the influence of electrical gradient +vely charged cations moves to –ve electrode (cathode) & -vely charged anions to moves in +ve electrode (anode). The main principle of separation is based on the fact small molecules move faster than larger ones & molecules having higher charges/size ratio travels faster than molecules having move faster than the lower charges/size ration ones . Now the electrophoresis depends on the differential migration of ions under the electrical gradient....

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