Describe the extraction, separation, and detection of each of the following samples using any resources available to you. Please be aware that more than one trace analytical technique may be applicable.

- Blood sample for measurement of blood pH and total iron concentration
- Solid, white powder containing trace amounts of lead
- Liquid, aqueous fluid suspected of low-level PCB impurities
- Air particulate matter tested for methane concentrations
- Solid sample, 14th century painting tested for tin concentration and age authenticity.

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Blood sample for measurement of blood pH and total iron concentration

The(2-pyridyl)-5,6-bis(4-phenylsulfonic acid)-1,2,4-triazine, monosodium salt commercially known as Ferrozine used for Complex-metrically determine the total iron as it forms complexes with Fe+2 resulting the tris complex Fe(Fz)3 magenta complex. The Fe(Fz)3 has molar absorption water soluble stable in long pH range 4-9. In an acidic environment the pH transferring-Fe breaks into Fe+2 & Fe+3.Fe+3 is reduced to Fe+2 by Ascorbic acid. Ferrozine now forms the complexes Fe+2 to give magenta complex (λmax=560 nm) Now A=ϵlC or A∝C i.e. concentration of Fe in the blood serum....
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