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1. A student analysed 6 Nurofen tablets and found each tablet contains 0.47C 9. 0471 . 0.478 g. 0.410 g. 0.491 g and 0.500 9 of ibuprofen. (8) Use the Grubb's test to determine whether 0.410 g can be rejected as an outlier at the 95% confidence level. (b) Calculate mean standard deviation and the 95% confidence interval for the Ibuprofen content (c) The standard deviation you calculated in (b) above is the standard deviahon in analytical method. If the overall standard deviation is 4%, calculate the standard deviation in sampling. (d) How many Nurofen tablets need to be analysed so that there is 95% confidence the mean ibuprofen content is known to within + 2% of the true mean? Use rount off sampling standard deviation for this part of the calculation. Note: Show your working and give answers to the correct number of significant figures to gain full credit. 2 What is the pH of a 0.05 mol L° solution of a weak base Benzylamine? The Ka of Benzylamine is 4.50x10 10 Ignore activity effects. 3. Fe(OH)2 has a Ksp of 7.9x10-18 What is the molar concentration of Fe2* and OH in a saturated solution of Fe(OH)2. What is the pH of this solution? Ignore activity effects 4 The calcaum content (Ca2*) of multivitamin was analyzed using EDTA titration. buffer solution To perform the experiment, a tablet was dissolved in 100.0 mL of black at 0.0 The insoluble a multivitamin material was filtered out, and three drops of eriochrome indicator were added. In the experiment, 12.48 mL of 5.00x10 moi L" EDTA was required to reach the end of point Based on these results, calculate the mg of calcium in the tablet. Molar mass Calcium = 40.08 g mol1. 120 Marks)

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