Write a 10-page report using 15 articles on CO2-ETHANE separation in which extractive distillation should be appraised.

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Modern society is deeply reliant on upon such limited reserves, not only for consumption as energy sources but also as feedstocks for together majority and well chemical synthesis. Nowadays all emphasis is pointed on environmental impact with Carbon dioxide (CO2)- ethane (C2H6) or methane emissions. Ongoing heavy demand for oil which is also dwindling day by day has created major concerns. Scientists are searching for some new alternative of petroleum and coal as an energy source from several decades. The natural gas mixture is always contaminated with CO2. To make natural gas more suitable for use one need to separate it from CO2. Pure natural gas like ethane, methane can be used for future fuel as many researchers are trying to do catalytic oxidation of them to get ethanol as fuel1,2. For separation of CO2-ethane mixture, various methods are being developed which include experimental chemical and physical methods as well as computational simulation method for modelling3–5. As well as chemical methods, for example, MOF based techniques, extractive distillation is another important technique used for this separation purpose6. Extractive distillation has a similar purpose of the azeotropic distillation process. Sometimes binary mixture which is difficult or impossible to separate by common separation techniques, a third component is needed which is termed a solvent. The solvent is added to the mixture which results in the alteration relative volatility of the original constituents and as a result separation is possible....
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