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Question L7.1. During a pulse calibration, the 360° pulse was found at 100 s. What is the radiofrequency field of the pulse in Hz? Is this radio-frequency field sufficiently strong to give hard pulses over the full range of 1H chemical shifts (0 - 10 ppm) on a particular spectrometer having a Larmor frequency of (w1/2rt) = 900 MHz. Question L6.1. A particular spectrometer has a BO field which gives a Larmor frequency of 900 MHz for 1H; the RF field strength (w1/2rt) has been determined to be 5 kHz. Suppose the transmitter is placed at 5 ppm. Compute the offset (in Hz) of a peak at 10 ppm, and then compute the tilt angle of the effective field, 0, for a spin with this offset. Question L8.1. Where is the magnetization vector after 90° (x)-180°(x)? - Question L10.1. Can you use a superconducting magnet that has a homogeneity of 1 part in 108 to measure a P- containing sample that has a 31P linewidth of 25 Hz on a spectrometer operating at a 1H frequency of 400 MHz Y1H, Y31P are 26.75 x107 and 10.08x 107 respectively. Question L10.2. A spectrometer operates at 800 MHz for 1H proton, and it is desired to record a spectrum covering a shift range of 15 ppm. Assuming that the receiver frequency is placed in the middle of this range, what range of frequencies is covered by the spectrum, and what would be the dwell time have to be? Question L9.2. 50 40 30 [ppm] What is wrong with this spectrum?

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