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Metabolic Disease: Leiden Disorder Factor V

Information to be researched and presented:
1. The biochemical pathway impacted by your disease (a figure showing the complete normal pathway must be included using the chemical structures and names of all compounds)
2. The name of each enzyme/protein in the pathway
3. The name of the enzyme affected in your disease.
4. Optional: include a structure of your enzyme/protein from the protein data base (PDB), if available.
5. Genetics: prevalence, hereditary pattern
6. How the disease changes the normal pathway, highlighting the enzyme/protein that is defective
7. List of clinical symptoms and an explanation of at least one of the major symptoms of your disease with respect to its biochemistry
8. Possible treatments, if any, along with their biochemical basis. Show the chemical structures of any drugs that you discuss as well as their mechanism of action.

Some helpful hints:
1. Do not assume your audience knows anything more than you did about your topic before you started researching it. Define terms that may not be familiar to them.
2. Be sure to completely reference your information. When you use materials directly from other sources (books, journal articles, etc.), cite the sources. Each slide will probably need at least one citation. In addition, your final slide should be a list of sources. Your references at the end of the presentation must be completely and formally formatted, not just URLs.
3. You need to use at least 8 referred journal articles as your sources. You may use other non-referred sources as well but they are not necessarily reliable sources so should not be the major source of information.
4. Please do not put too much information on a single slide. Lots of empty space makes a slide easier to read and understand. You do NOT need to use full sentences; in fact, bulleted lists are a much wiser choice.
5. Figures, graphs, data are extremely useful. Be sure to cite your sources. (These do not count as your 8 referred articles.)

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Metabolic Disease: Leiden Disorder Factor V (18 slides)

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