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DNA concentration values, and reproducibility therein (5pt). Using full sentences, state the concentration values that you obtained for the DNA that your group personally isolated, and the number of times that you measured the concentration for the same sample (i.e. whether you had a chance to replicate your concentration measurement).

Comparison of DNA yield from the two purification methods (10pt). Calculate the yield for the DNA preparation that your group personally isolated as follows: multiply your DNA concentration and the total final volume of DNA (using suitable units!) to obtain the total number of nanograms of DNA isolated. Divide this by the number of grams of strawberry material that you started with in order to obtain a yield in ng/g (i.e. nanograms of DNA per gram of strawberry tissue).

Analysis of absorption spectra (Spt). Describe the absorption spectrum for the DNA preparation that your group personally isolated first, and for DNA prepared by the other method second. (Optional: if it will help you with your discussion, you can include a photo of the sketch from your notebook, but this not a requirement.)

Analysis of NanoDrop output values (10pt). Reproduce (type out) the data table from your lab notebook, showing the data obtained by your group personally first, and by the group that prepared the DNA by the other method second (be sure to clearly label both to indicate how each type of DNA was prepared). Be sure that all five data columns are present for both tables.

Role of key reagents in DNA precipitation method; comparison with DNeasy method (10pt). A major purpose of the detergent in the precipitation method is to break up the cell membranes - we'll discuss this later in the course. What is the role of the salt and ethanol? There are many possible sources from which to draw.

Analysis of agarose gel photo (10pt). Include a photo of your gel from Lab 2A. clearly labeling what is in every lane, and clearly labeling the size marker bands. Is there visual evidence of any of the purified DNA (by one method?

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