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Describe how Paul Boyer's rotational catalysis mechanism and John Walker's description of the F1-ATPase structure provided a mechanistic underpinning for much of Peter Mitchell's chemiosmotic theory of ATP production.

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Chemiosmotic theory

In addition to what was called the orthodox view of the coupling of phosphorylation to electron/hydrogen transfer from the aspect of substrate-level phosphorylation, Peter Mitchell developed a novel chemiosmotic theory in the 1960s to explain the phosphorylation process taking place in a complex supramolecular system of mitochondrial ATPase (Mitchell 1961). Based on a research of multi-enzyme catalyzed processes (Mitchell 1958), Mitchell predicted that supramolecular organization dictates the phosphorylation and oxidation coupling which differed a lot from mechanisms accepted among the bioenergetics community of that period. The whole idea of the chemiosmotic gradient and supramolecular systems capable of using it for a high energy process without any high-energy intermediates was not in a line with the image of energy as chemical bonds (Allchin 2002). Imagining the complex supramolecular structure involved in the process, he assumed that the driving force for the process of ATP synthesis is the channeling of a certain component through the membrane. What he postulated...

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