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2. The following table gives the reactions for the catalytic cycle for the destruction of stratospheric ozone by NO, and the Arrhenius parameters for each reaction: (5 marks) Ea (kJ mol-11 Reaction NO+O3 NO2+O2 1.8 x 10-12 11.4 Reaction NO2 -O NO+O 9.3 x 10-12 -0 Net 0+03 O2+O2 a. Calculate the rate constants at 220 K for Reactions and 2. b. Offer an explanation for why Reaction 2 has an activation energy of approximately zero. 3. Consider the net reaction in question 2: (5 marks) o O3 02+02 The standard enthalpies of formation of O and O3 are 249.2 and 142.7 kJ mol -1 respectively. Calculate the reaction enthalpy. Why does this reaction not proceed on its own, to any appreciable extent, in the stratosphere? 4. In hypothetical situation, plume of SO2 is released from Sudbury smelting operation. The average concentration of SO2 in the plume is 3.0 ppm. What is the pH of rainwater in equilibrium with the air inside the plume? (Use data from Chapter 3 of the textbook.) (5 marks) 5. In particulate sampling, air is drawn through filter that collects the particulates. In one sampling, the initial weight of the filter was 3. .123 g. The final filter weight was 3.762 g. Assume the average flow rate of air through the filter was 49 cubic feet per minute, and the sample was collected over 24 hours. What is the TSP concentration in g/m³ for this sample? (1 cubic foot .02832 m³ (5 marks) 1. The atmospheric residence time of methane in the atmosphere is 12 years If global methane emissions total 630Mt (megatonnes) per year, what is the steady state concentration of methane in the atmosphere a) in Mt and b) in ppm? (The total mass of the atmosphere is 5.1 x 1018 kg and the average molar mass is 29.0 g/mol.) (5 marks) 2. a. In petroleum production, solution gas refers to gases that are dissolved in the petroleum reservoir because of the high pressure conditions underground, but become gaseous when the oil is brought to the surface. In 2012 in Alberta, 4.30 108 m³ of solution gas was flared (burned off). [i] Assuming that the solution gas was 100% methane, how many moles of CO2 are produced from this flaring? What is the increase in global concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, in ppmv, due to this activity? (The total mass of the atmosphere is 5.1 1018 kg and the average molar mass is 29.0 g/mol.) b. In 2009, Alberta used about 23 Mt (megatonnes) of coal to generate electricity. [2] Assuming that 100% of the coal is converted to CO2, how many moles of CO2 are produced? What is the increase in global concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, in ppmv, due to this activity? (5 marks) 3. A water sample has pH of 8.21 and total Ca2+ concentration of 143 ppm. (3 marks) a. What are the molar concentrations of CO2 and HCO2, ? b. What is the total alkalinity of the water? 4. The VOCs released by off-gassing of newly painted room in house is estimated at rate of 6.2 9.8)g h and the outdoor VOCs concentration is 0.014 (0.124) g m -3 when the number of air exchanges per hour is 2.3 (1.2). If the floor space is 250 m² and the room height is 2.5 m, what would you estimate the indoor concentration of the VOCs to be? (5 marks) 5. The effluent from pulp and paper operation has COD of 209 ppm and a BOD of 4.9 ppm. (5 marks) a. What can you conclude about the nature of the organic compounds in the effluent from the values of COD and BOD? b. What volume of 0.050 M K2Cr2O2 would be required to completely oxidize the organics in 50.0 mL sample of effluent?

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