1. Indicate whether each of the following is true or false:
A. A mole of CO2 has the same mass as a mole of SO2
B. When atoms form a covalent bond energy is released.
C. Alkane molecules can react together to form polymers.
D. C3H8 is a saturated compound.
E. Â Hydrogen can be added to alkenes to form alkanes.
F. There is more than one compound with the formula C5H12
G. Water with Ca2+ and /or Mg+ ions is known as hard water.
H Carbon atoms can form only single covalent bonds.
I. Â All metals need the same amount of heat to raise their temperature by a degree Celsius.
J. Water molecules are polar.

2. A. What is the number of grams in 3.64 moles of Ca(NO3)2?
B. How many moles are in 86.2g grams of CH4?

3. Using the bond energies below  determine the value and sign of delta H for the reaction:
H-S-H + Cl-Cl →’ Cl-S-Cl + H-H
Bond energies in kJ/mol: H-H 432.0 H-S 365
Cl-Cl 239.7 Cl-S 255

4. 2C4H10 + 13O2 → 8CO2 + 10H2O
A. How many moles of O2 react with 5.00 moles of C4H10?
B. How many grams of CO2 result when 75.0g of C4H10 react?

5 Explain why each of the following can or cannot exist:
A. CH5 B. C2H2 C. C3H2 D. C12H26 E. C6H6.

6. Aluminum has a specific heat of 0.880 J/g-deg. How many joules are needed to heat 495g of Al from 25.0oC to 75.0oC?

7. Explaining why, which, if any, of the following water solutions will have the lowest freezing
A. 1.0m KCl B. 1.0m CaBr2 C. 1.0m FeCl2 D. 1.0m FeCl3

8. The heat of combustion of C2H6 is 1541 kJ mol. How many kJ of energy result when 575g of C2H6 are combusted?

9. Explain why C2H4 can form polymers, but C2H6 cannot.

10. What is the empirical formula of a compound that is 21.96% S and 78.04% F by weight?

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A. False.
B. True.
C. False.
D. True.
E. True.
F. True.
G. True.
H. False.
I. True.
J. True....

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