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1. True or false A. All compounds containing hydrogen are acids. B. None of the products of nuclear fission are radioactive. C. A water solution with pH=4 has a [H*] that is 100 times the [H*] in a solution with pH=6 D. Beta rays originate in the nuclei of atoms. E. A solution of CO2 in water is acidic. F. The two major components of air are oxygen and argon G When an atom emits alpha radiation it becomes a different element. H. The pH changes when water is added to an acidic solution. I. As a radioisotope decays its half life time changes. J. If the pressure on a gas doubles its volume doubles. 2. A water solution has 2.00x10³ moles of H* in 2.00liters A. What is the molarity of H* in the solution? B. What is the pH? C. What is the [OH`]? D. Is the solution acidic or basic? 3. Does the equation for dissociation of a weak acid differ from the equation for dissociation of a strong acid? If so, what is the difference? 4. A. An isotope with atomic number 84 and mass number 212 emits an alpha particle. What are the atornic and mass numbers of the resultant atom? B. An atom of atornic number 48 with a mass number of 113 emits a beta particle. What are the atomic and mass numbers of the resultant atom? 5. Considering the reaction: 2KCIO3 = 2KCI + 302 How many liters of O2 gas result when 105 grams of KCIO3 react at 25.0°C and 0.950 atmosphere? 6. What is the pressure in atmospheres of 12.5 grams of Cl2 gas in a 855mL container at 25.0°C? 7. Why does the pH decrease when SO3 dissolves in water? 8. The maximum legal limit of arsenic (As) in drinking water is 0.0500ppm (parts per million). Is water with 8.00x10 moles of as per liter suitable for drinking? Show how you arrive at your answer. 9. The 32 isotope of phosphorus has a half-life of 14.3 days. How long will it take for a sample of 100g of it to decay to 12.5g of P? 10. How many grams of NaOH are in 2.00L of a 0.255M solution?

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