The web resource Nuclear Power Around the World provides a summary of the use of nuclear power across the world. The resource Nuclear Power in the USA gives locations and some statistics on the use of nuclear power in the United States. Present your thoughts on the use of nuclear power, optionally taking up some of the pros and cons provided in Energy Informative. Also comment on some of the information in the resources, e.g., Does any of the information in the resources surprise you?

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Nuclear power is what fuels the Universe so why not try to understand and master this process? By fusing atoms with small masses into larger ones (inside stars) or fissure of largest atoms energy is released. It is the difference in mass (Δm) between parent atoms and that of daughter atoms that give off huge amounts of energy and is portrayed in maybe the most famous equation in science E=Δm·c². Fortuitously we have learned to harness the energy of atoms and today it provides about 14% of the energy we consume. Advantages of using nuclear power are numerous and I will list a few that I find to be most important....

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