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Box 3.8 Removal of sulphur diaxide from an ale parces A parcel of air over a rural area of an 04,50J, - mould expect the 204 * 10'ma industrial continent would typically be to in 0.001-del al wates, expected to contain sulphur dioxide at giving a liquid-phase actinity at 2:04 - a concentration of 5 x 10* atm. This means The H,30, furmed la . mong - that à cubic metre of air contains 5 * 10*m³ so dimociates with the production of SO2 We can convert this to moles quite of Two protoni under conditions easily because a mole of ges occupies 0.0245 m² at 15°C and atmospheric pressure. agn. 1 Thus our cubic metre of air contains 5 - Thus the pection activity will be 3 - 2.04 x 10' moi of SOR in a 10*moll", or the Esponation of rain-laden cloud we can expect one cubic water from the droplet and de metre to contain about 1g of liquid watet, further 502 as the dropiet falb through air i.e. 0.001 dm³. below the deud can inad to evet further If the SO2 were all removed into the eduction in dropiet and oxidized to suiphuric acid 1. During the discussion on atmospheric processes we calculated the pH of several types of acid rain. Box 3.8 (Removal of sulphur dioxide from an air parcel) shows us how to calculate the pH based on sulphuric acid formation. However not all steps are included. For this homework: Repeat the pH calculation but include all necessary steps and show the work. Explain the last statement "Evaporation of water from the droplet and removal of further SO2 as the droplet falls " with more detail. You can use calculations if need be. 2. This quote appeared in Chemical and Engineering News (Sept. 3, 1990, p. 52): "One tree can assimilate about 6 kg of CO2 per year or enough to offset the pollution produced by driving one car for 26,000 miles." Is this statement likely correct? Justify your answer quantitatively. Assume: Gasoline is C9H16, the combustion is complete, and the car get 20 miles per gallon. 3. If everybody in the world would plant a tree tomorrow, how long would it take for these trees to make a 1 ppm difference in the CO2 concentration? Assume: 7 billion people 9 kg of O2 produced per tree each year regardless of age C6H12O2 and O2is produced by combining CO2 and H2O Mass of Earth's atmosphere is 5.3 X 1018 kg

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We need to know the definition of pH and have a scientific calculator.
pH = -log [H+(aq)] or -log H    “log” is log base 10 log10
(where H is the “proton activity”, the molar concentration of H+ in water)
So in order to calculate pH we need to first find the concentration (in moles per liter, or moles per dm3) of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in the droplet and then the concentration of H+ based on two moles of H+ generated from one mole of H2SO4.
We know these things:
1 m³ of air contains 5...

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