5) Suppose you are one day you are walking through the park with your detective Pikachu and out of nowhere a random gang named the Squirtle squad prank you by using their bubbles attack. When you get home you and your detective Pikachu get curious about the pH of the water of a Squirtle and you find out from your friend that the [OH --] from a squirtle’s bubble attack is 3.8x10-11 M
a. What is the concentration of [H3O + ] present in the solution?
b. What is the pH of the squirtle’s bubble attack? c. Is the solution acidic or basic?
7) Suppose you have friend named Ang who are very interested in air-bending some air into a balloon for your chemistry 51 class. If your balloon has a temperature of 300K, 1.00 atm pressure and a volume of 1000 L because of the air Ang air-bended into the balloon, how many moles of air are inside your balloon?
8) Suppose you have a friend named Fire Fist Ace who can convert his entire body into the fire at will. If you have a giant piston in your backyard that is initially at a temperature of 300 K a volume of 600.0 L and 2 atm of pressure; to what temperature should Fire Fist Ace heat up the piston to get the piston to keep the volume of 600.0 L and to attain a final pressure of 10.0 atm?

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