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1. Which of the following is an example of a weak acid? 2pts A. sample with pH 9 B. Sample pH 6.9 C. Sample with pH 7.8 D. none of the above 2. Which of the following is a not a salt? 2pts A. Ammonium Hydroxide B. sodium Citrate C. Potassium iodide D. none of the above 3. What color would Phenolphthalein indicator change at pH 12? 2pts A. Pink B. Red C. blue D. no color change 4. Would the presence of NO, ions in water indicate? 2pts A. None of the following B. Salinity C. Fecal matter in water. D. Presence of microorganisms. 5. Why is Silicon tetrachloride very stable (SiCl,?? 2pts A. due to presence of C-Cl bonds B. due to presence of double bonds C. due to equal Si-Cl bond angle and distance D. Because it's a gas 6. Which of the following pair has the same molecular mass? 2pts A. Propane and Cyclopropane B. butene and cyclobutene C. Ethane and Carbon tetrachloride D. None of the above 7. What is the general formula for the following organic compounds? 3pts a) Alkanes b) Alkenes c) Alkynes 8. What is an unsaturated hydrocarbon? Give one example. 2pts 9. Explain, Resonance in benzene ring? 6pts b) Draw cycloheptane ring and calculate its molar mass? 10. Which of the following hydrocarbons has the longest and weakest bond length between carbons? alkene, alkanes, alkynes. 2pts 11) Complete and balance the following hydrocarbon reaction with a halogen in ultraviolet light: 4pts CH,CH,CH=CHCH, + F, 12) Give an example of an unsaturated and saturated hydrocarbon used in your kitchen for cooking. 4pts 13) Calculate the molecular mass and draw the structural formula for Butane, propene, and Cyclohexane. 6pts 14) What is a saturated hydrocarbon not used for cooking? Give an example. 3pts II) What would you add to octene to make it saturated (If you think, it is already saturated say nothing)? 2pts III) How much salt will dissolve in 600 grams of water if the solubility of salt X is 50g/100g of water? 2pts 15) How many moles are needed to obtain each of the following amounts of solute? 4Pts a) moles of 2.0 M NaOH to obtain 3 Liters of NaOH b) moles of 0.03 M HCl to obtain 1500 ml of HCl 16) A 250 ml bubble of hot gases at 108 °C and 3.0 atm escapes from an active volcano. What is the new volume of bubbles outside the volcano where the temperature is -48 °C and the pressure is 0.6 atm? 3pts

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