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1. Chapter 1,2 and 3- A 75 gram solid cube of mercury (II) oxide has a density of 2.4 x 103 kg/m3 . a) What is the length of one side of the cube in cm? b) The mercury (II) oxide completely dissociates and forms liquid mercury and oxygen gas. Write a balanced chemical equation and indicate if this process is a chemical or physical change? c) The oxygen gas escapes and now you are left with liquid grey substance. Is this grey substance a compound, element, homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture? 2. Chapter 2 and 3- 300 grams of perchloric acid reacts with 3.5x 1021 molecules of Barium hydroxide via a double displacement reaction a) Write a balanced chemical reaction b) What is the maximum amount of salt (in grams) that can be produced? c) Does the reaction produce a basic or acidic solution? 3. Chapter 2 and 3 and 4 – In a lab experiment, a 10.0 mL solution ammonium carbonate reacts with excess of Aluminum bromide. The mass of the precipitate formed in the lab is 10.0 g. This gave a percent yield of 88%. a) Write the molecular chemical equation b) Write the net ionic equation c) Use your molecular equation to determine the concentration of ammonium carbonate needed to give the 88 percent yield? 4. Chapter 5-a) Use the following information to determine the enthalpy change for AB2 -> A + B2 D2 + 0.5 B2 -> D2B ∆Hº = 344 kJ/mol 2A + 3D2 -> A2D6 ∆Hº = -232 kJ/mol 2AB2 + 3D2B -> A2D6 + 3.5B2 ∆Hº = 288 kJ/mol __________________________________________________ AB2 -> A + B2 ∆Hº = ???? kJ/mol 5. Chapter 10 and 5- 10 grams of C2H6 an ideal gas has an initial pressure of 2100 mmHg and a temperature of 350 K. At a constant temperature and moles, the gas changes to a final pressure is 2880 mmHg. a) Calculate the initial and final volumes (L) b) Calculate the work done (in kJ) for the gas volume change if it is carried out against a constant external pressure of 7.5 atm. (1 L atm = 101.325 J) c) Using answer 5b, is this an exothermic or endothermic process if the heat is equal to 1100 J? 6. Chapter 6- a) For a hydrogen atom, what is the wavelength associated with when the electron moves from n= 3 to n = 5 b) What type of electromagnetic radiation is associated with this change c) what is the velocity of the electron from 6a (mass of electron = 9.11 x 10-31 kg) 7. Chapter 6- When n = 3, using the 4 quantum numbers (n, l, ml and ms) write all possible combinations 8. chapter 8 and 9 -A compound designated as AB3C, has total valence electrons of 36 where B and C are halogens. Element A which is a noble gas element and is the least electronegative of the three elements. a) Draw a reasonable Lewis structure. b) What is the molecular shape of your Lewis structure? c) What is the formal charge of each element in your structure? d) Is your structure polar or nonpolar? 9. Chapter 8 and 9 – a) Draw the most probable Lewis structure when one selenium (Se), one sulphur (S) and one silicon (Si) combine? b) How many sigma bonds and pi bonds are in your drawn structure? c)What is the hybridization of each element in your drawn structure? 10. Chapter 10 For the following chemical equation: A + BCD3 🡪 A(CD3)2 + CD + B2D a) Balance the chemical equation b) B2D behaves like an ideal gas which has a mass of 0.124 g, a volume of 20.0 mL, pressure of 3.3 atm and temperature of 285K. What is the molar mass of the B2D? How many molecules of A is needed to give B2D a mass of 0.104 gra

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