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Indicate all intermolecular forces present in pure substances or mixtures of substances: + Substances or mix Intermolecular forces HF(8) CH3COOH 4) Liquid mixture of C6H6 et CHC63 CH2O (ag) Choose in the couples of substances the one with the highest boiling temperature by surrounding or underlining the choice and indicating why in a few words a) H2O or H2Se? b) Hlor HCI? c) CO2 or(so2 ? Let the following substances: Ca CaO HBr Na C5H12 Xe l2 CO2 NH4F Cdiamond CH3NH2 Ti SiO2 HNO3 CH3F NaF a) Classify them by category (for their solid state): lonic solids Covalent solids Metallic solids Molecular solids b) Indicate in four which can logically be in gas phase at room temperature: c) Which substance (s), in solid state, conducts electricity?

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Chemistry Questions - Intermolecular Forces And Substances
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