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Part A Observations and questions: 1. Write the oxidation half reaction for the conversion of Fe to Fe2+ and reduction half reaction that causes the corrosion of iron. List the cell potentials for each reaction 2. List the reagents in Part A where no indication of corrosion of Fe or Zn was observed Zine Iron 3. List the reagents in Part A in which there was an indication of corrosion of Fe or Zn. Zine Iron 4. Based on the results for Part A (I, II and III), make statement about the effects of pH on corrosion. Part B: Observations Part Questions 1. What observations regarding the reactions at the head. the pointed end. or at the sharp bend of the nail, were different from the rest of the nail? Make general statement that describes how these mechanical treamments of iron can affect its tendency torust. Explain the chemical reactivity based or the atomic arrangement of atoms 2. Which color in Part B indicates the site of the oxidation reaction? Which is the site of the reduction? 3. Describe the oxidation of iron in the wrapped nails. How does compare to the unbent, unwrapped nail? Explain. Page of 3 Part C: Observations Part Questions 1. Explain why some of the nails corroded whereas others didn' corrode. Make conclusions as to the relative oxidation of the metals you compared 2. Make general statement that describes the relative corrosion rates of all metals that uses the standard reduction potential table. 3. Consult the standard reduction tables and predict another metal that is more readily oxidized than iron and will protect from corrosion. 4. How does acoating of zinc on iron (galvanized iron) protect iron from corrosion? 5. Why are magnesium metal rods placed in hot water heaters? Page 3 of 3

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