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Question 1 2.5 pts List the following types of electromagnetic radiat ion in arder of increasing wavelength (shortest wavelength on the top to longest wavelength on the bottom). A. The infrared radiation emitted by a hot electric stove burner B. The X rays used in medical diagnosis C. The ultraviolet (UV) light from a sunlamp D. Radiation from a microwave oven E. The green light from a traffic signal Question 2 Consider the three waves below: i) i i i) Which wave has the longest wavelength ../ [ Select] 1. 111. Which wave has the highest frequency? _ 1_1. _________ _., Which wave has the highest energy? [ Select] V Question 3 What is the frequency of a helium-neon laser light with a wavelength of 632.8 nm? O 4.74 x 1014 Hz O 4.74 x 105 Hz O 2.11 x 10-6 Hz O 2.11 x 10-18 Hz Question 4 2.5 pts When copper is bombarded with high-energy electrons , X-rays are emitted . What is the energy of one of these emitted photons if the wavelength of the X-ray is 0.154 nm? Q 1.95 X 1018 J Q 1.29 X 10-15 J Q 1.02 X 10-43 J Q 1.29 X 10-24 J Question 5 2.5 pts The work function for chrom ium is 434 kJ/mole. What is the minimum frequency of light needed to remove an electron from chromium? O 1.09 x 1015 Hz O 6.55 x 1029 Hz O 6.55 x 10-33 Hz Question 6 Electromagnetic radiation with the shortest wavelength will be emitted when an electron undergoes which of the following transitions? O n=1 ~ n=2 Question 7 3 pts What amount of energy is emitted when an electron in the hydrogen atom transitions from the n=4 energy level to the n=1 energy level? Q 9.72 X 10-S J Q 2.04 X 10-l8 J Q 2.04 X 10-27 J Q 97.2J Question 8 For an electron in a given atom, the larger n, the ... O larger the average distance from the nucleus and the lower the orbital energy. O smaller the average distance from the nucleus and the lower the orbital energy. O larger the average distance from the nucleus and the higher the orbital energy. O smaller the average distance from the nucleus and the higher the orbital energy. Question 9 4pts Give the four quantum numbers for each of the two electrons in a 4s orbital. Electron #1: n= /= m,= ms = [ Electron #2: n= I = l m,= l ms= J Question 10 Consider the / = 1 subshell. a. How many orbitals are in this subshell? [ Select] V ., b. What is the shape of one of the orbitals in this subshell? [ Select] V b. What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy an orbital in this subshell? Question 11 3 pts Which of the following is the ground state electron conflguration for an atom of Magnesium (Mg)? O 1s2 2s2 3s2 O 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 O 1s2 2s2 2p6 O 1s2 2s2 2p8 Question 12 Which orbital -filling diagram represents the ground state of oxygen? O [He] ti 2s O [He] t _ 2s O [He] ti 2s O [He] tt 2s ti ti 2p ti ti -t 2p ti t t - 2p ti t -t 2p Question 13 Which of the following have the same number of valence electrons? 0 N,As, Bi 0 He, Ne, F 0 B, Si, As 0 K,As, Br Question 14 4pts Use the elements in the 2nd period of the periodic table as examples to illustrate the change in atomic size as we move from left to right. Explain why, in terms of atomic structure, this trend exists.

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