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4. Interpret your lH-NMR. .. a. How many unique proton signals are in your unknown? b. Pay careful attention to any notes on the spectra including what peaks are dueto solvents and determine the multiplicity of peaks (singlet, doublet, etc.) and relative integration values. s=singlet d=doublet t=triplet q=quartet p=pentet m=multiplet (many not well resolved peaks). c. Are the integral values relative or absolute? Justify your answer. d. What functional groups are indicated based on the chemical shifts? e. Is an aromatic ring present? Based on the number of aromatic hydrogens, can you predict the number of substituents? Based on the multiplicity ofthe aromatic hydrogens can you predict the pattern of substitution? f. What substructures can you draw, based on the lH -NMR data? 5. Interpret your 13C NMR a. How many unique carbons are in your unknown? b. Compare the number of unique carbons with the molecular formula ofyour unknown. Consider what this means about any symmetry in your molecule. c. What functional groups are indicated, based on the observed chemical shifts? 6. Propase a structure for your unknown compound Molecular Formula: • Integra Is are shown in red ; a residual solvent peak from CDCl3 appears at 7.26 ppm, it is NOT part of your unknown . • Click to expand or download the spectrum. ' (ffij . ó o" " ------ llfii 8 l ci • ,. º'¼:r=::;:;::;::;:::;::;::¡=;:;=;:;:;:;::;::.:::;::;;::::;;::;:;::;::;;:¡:;::=;:;:;:~;:;:;:~;::;::::¡:;::::;:;:::;::::;:::;~::;:;:;:;:;:::;~~:;:;:;:;:;::;~:;::;::;;:;::;:;~;:;:;:~~~;:;:;::;:;:: 7;:;:;:::;:;::~•;;; 11 O 10.0 9.0 1 o 7.0 6.0 1 O 4 O I O l O U ce I f1M1 par Wtlbon Proton .i ºÍ ~ a " 71 11 11 77 76 " 74 o _,,,,__ 1 1 13C-NMR: • The tr iplet centered at 77.23 ppm is residual CDCl3, it is NOT part of your unknown. • Click to expand or download the spectrum. FIie Opllons hports l'roJtct Sllci119 Exp•n<ion Proce« Vitw An•lvz• Tools _on, o,C. !. IR Spectrum o 1 1 ,_ JC100 :12110 MIOO noo zeoo :z 2200 2000 tlOO MGO

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