1. A large ice coffee at Dunkin Donuts contains 0.946 L of coffee. If you add 4 teaspoons of sugar (sucrose C12H22O11) to a large ice coffee, what is the %(m/v) and the molarity of the sugar solution you have prepared? (1 teaspoon sugar = 4.0 g)

2. An aluminum chloride solution is prepared by dissolving 28.30 g of aluminum chloride in 225 g of water. Calculate the %(m/m) and the molality of this solution.

3. Calculate the freezing point and the boiling point of the solution in question #4. (kf = -1.86 and kb = 0.51)

4. How much water must be added to 35 mL of 6.40 M HNO3 to prepare a 1.45 M solution?

5. Magnesium reacts with HNO3 in a single replacement reaction. How many mL of 0.75 M HNO3 are needed to react with a 15.80 g piece of magnesium?

6. A 68.30 mL sample of HCl is neutralized by 92.15 mL of 1.04 M Mg(OH)2. What is the molarity of the HCl solution?

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% is determined as 100*ms/mr where ms-mass of substance(in this case 28.3) while mr-mass of solution(solvent+substance)

Molality is number of moles dissolved in 1kg of solvent(now just water, not total mass of solution). In order to calculate how much AlCl3 is in 1kg of water, proportion is made:
28.3 g : 225g = X : 1000g
x=125.78 g AlCl3
M(AlCl3)=133.5 g/
n=0.9422 moles of AlCl3 in 1kg of water(molality)...

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