1. Which would produce more total energy (when digested) 1 mole of glucose or 1 mole of maltose?
2. What is the difference between glucose and galactose?
3. If there is a lack of oxygen can ATP still be made by cells? Where and how?
4. If I add sugar to a solution what will this do to the boiling temperature and freezing temperature?
5. Strand A of DNA GGCAGGCAT, Strand B of DNA AATAGCAA. Which strand would take the higher temperature to melt?
6. If scientists put in an mRNA that read AAAAAAAAA, what amino acids would the protein consist of from this mixture?
7. Why would a patient that is Type II diabetic generally not take insulin shots?
8. Why would ethyl methyl propyl ether not exist?
9. What is the lowest level of protein folding? What would heating or adding acid to a protein do to the levels of protein folding?
10. How many TOTAL carbons does 3 ethyl 5, 6 di methyl decane have?
11. Why are there at least 20 different tRNAs in the cell?
12. If I have 30 glucose molecules, how many CO2 molecules will that produce?
13. What are the steps of protein synthesis starting with DNA?
14. How many nitrogens are in N,N,N ethyl dimethyl amine?
15. If 2 pentanone is oxidized, what is the product?
16. If 4 methyl 1 hexene undergoes hydrogenation what is the name of the product?
17. If pentanoic acid and pentanol react, generally, what would be the product?
18. If I isolated a strand of nucleotides, how could I determine if they were DNA or RNA?
19. If I continue to add HCl to a solution and the pH does not change very much, what does that say about the solution?
20. How many oxygens are in methanoic acid?
21. If I remove the charged end of soap, what would that do to its activity?
22. How many total hydrogens are in 1 pentyne?

Draw the following compounds using = for double bonds and >>> for triple bonds.
1. 1 butene
2. 1 octene
3. 1 pentyne
4. Pentane
5. Hexane
6. 1 pentanol
7. 1 heptanol
8. Heptanal
9. Pentanal
10. Pentanoic acid

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4. Ans: If we add sugar or any solute to a solution it will affect its colligative properties which are properties of solutions that depend upon the ratio of the number of solute particles to the number of solvent molecules in a solution. So after addition the boiling temperature will increase whereas freezing temperature will decrease.
5. Ans: DNA strand A has higher temperature to melt than strand B, because nucleotide pair ‘A-T’ has a weaker bond than the nucleotide pair ‘G-C’.
6. Ans: From the m-RNA with given code AAAAAAAAA will produce the protein with Lys (Lysine) amino acid.. Lys-Lys-Lys.
7. Ans: Type II DM (non-insulin dependent) is a metabolic disorder characterized by increased blood glucose level Type II diabetes is where insulin is produced by beta cells of langerhans (Pancreatic cell) but it is not properly utilized by cells, so insulin shot can’t be effective. Anti-dabetic drugs can be used such as tolbutamide, metformin.
8. Ans: Ethylmethyl propyl ether does not exist because normally ether are the alkylated derivative of alcohol. Thus it can have two alkyl group attached at two ends. So ethers can be dimethyl ether, diethyl ether, ethyl methyl ether, ethyl propyl ether. (oxygen is sp3 hybridized)...

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