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Fundamentals of Electric-drive Vehicle Engineering Hybrid Vehicle Technology Assuming a Lithium-ion battery cell has 3.6V nominal cell voltage and 20 Ampere-hour. An EV battery pack needs at least 280 V and 240 Ampere-hour capacity. Battery pack is connected to a traction motor. Assuming one motor motoring cycle (discharge of battery current) is shown in Fig. 1. Motor regenerative braking (charging battery) cycle is shown in Fig. 2. 1. As an electric drivetrain engineer, how do you design the battery pack to meet the requirement of voltage and capacity? 2. Suppose no regenerative braking is employed and battery energy storage capacity is reserved for motoring. Using your design of battery pack, how much time (in hours) does the battery take from full charged to reach 70% DoD (Depth of Discharge)? 3. If regenerative braking is employed such that for every 32 motoring cycles there is 1 regenerative braking cycle, how much time (in hours) does it take from full charged to reach 70% DoD? (Note: In this problem, neglect variation of capacity with discharge rate. Assume that the practical capacity is equal to the rated capacity.) Figure 1 Figure 2 Hint: (1) 1 ms: one milli-second, 1 ms = 0.001 second. (2) Unit of battery energy storage capacity: Ah (Ampere-hour). An Ampere-hour (abbreviated as Ah) is also a unit of electric charge and is the amount of electric charge transferred by a steady current of one ampere for one hour. Ah is not a direct measure of the energy in a battery like the joule (J) or watt-hour (Wh), it is a common rating of how long a battery will last when fully charged.

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