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1. The P-V-T behavior of a simple fluid obeys the equation of state PV = RT - a P + bP - T where a = 60000 cm³-K/mol, b = 64 cm³/mol. (a) (10) Calculate the enthalpy departure of this fluid at 350 K and 5 MPa. (b) (10) Calculate the enthalpy of this fluid at 400 K and 10 MPa using a reference state of an ideal gas at 300K and 0.1 MPa where HR18 = 0. For the purposes of the calculation, the ideal gas heat capacity is CP = 14 R and is temperature-independent. 2. A portion of the workbook PREOS.xlsx is shown below from the PROPS page. (a) (5) What is the entropy at 150K and 1.5 MPa? (b) (5) What equation number from the Elliott and Lira text is programmed into cell I9? (c) (10) Suppose that the inlet to a throttle valve is 150 K and 1.5 MPa and the outlet is to be 0.05 MPa. Based on the state below, the outlet is likely to be two phases. Explain how this is known. Explain how you would find the outlet temperature and quality using cell references. Microsoft Excel - Preos.xls - S File Edit View Insert Format Tools Data Window Help EP A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Peng-Robinson Equation of State (Pure Fluid) Spreadsheet protected, but no password used. 2 Properties Heat Capacity constants from Appendix ideal gas H° 3 Gas Tc (K) PC (MPa) 6 A B C D values J/mol J/mol J/molK 4 Methane 190.6 4.604 0.011 19.25 5.21E-02 1.20E-05 -1.13E-08 -4648.45 -3417.98 -43.754 5 6 Current State Roots Stable Root has a lower fugacity 7 T (K) 150 Z V fugacity H U S H-H¹ U-U° 8 P (MPa) 1.5 cm³/gmol MPa J/mol J/mol J/molK J/mol J/mol J/molK 9 answers for three 0.707178 587.94781 1.162512 -5585.72 -6467.64 -47.9619 -955.419 -590.241 -4.25037 10 root region 0.2112416 175.62627 -7425.67 -7689.11 -61.0281 -2795.37 -1811.71 -17.3165 11 0.0493737 41.049328 0.895809 -11848.2 -11909.7 -87.5448 -7217.86 -6032.34 -43.8333 12 & for 1 root region #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! 13 fugratio 14 .297724 14 4 \ Instructions h PVT Props Ref State Crit. Props Kig cp 4

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