1) List the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for the following.


b. 25

c. 30

d. 33
2) What is the maximum number if electrons that can be in the s orbital?
The p orbital?
How many electrons to have a filled valence shell?

3) Balance the following equations.
a. N2 + H2 -> NH3
b. KCl + F2 -> KF + Cl2
c. Na2CO3 + Cd(NO3) 2 -> CdCO3 + NaNO3
d. C12H22O11 + H2O -> C6H12O6

4) Work the following problems related to malic acid conversion to lactic acid by malolactic bacteria.
C4H6O5 -> C3H6O3 + CO2
a. Is this equation balanced?
b. What are the molecular weights of each component?
c. You have 1500 L of merlot with a starting concentration of malic acid of 2500 ppm. Before fermentation, how much malic acid do you have in grams?
d. Assume a 100% conversion rate, how much lactic acid in grams will be in the wine after MLF in grams?
e. Answer d in ppm.
f. How much CO2 will be produced in the fermentation process?

5) Using the process of propane combustion.
C3H8(g) + O2(g) -> CO2(g) + H2O(l)
a. Balance the equation.
b. If 3 mol of propane undergoes complete combustion, how many moles of each product are produced?
c. From part b, how much water is produced in mL? Assume 20degC.

9. Fill in the following table.
NAME                    Cation Anion Ionic Compound
Potassium hydroxide
Calcium carbonate
Ammonium phosphate
Barium bromide
Sodium hydrogen carbonate
Magnesium nitride

11. Using electronegativity values, fill in the table with polar, nonpolar or ionic.

12 . You dissolve 26 grams of NaCl in sufficient water to produce 1.5 L of solution.
a. What’s the molarity of the solution?
b. What’s the percent concentration?
c. What’s the concentration in ppm?

13. You have 100 gallons of juice measured at 28B (28% sugar).
a. If you waterback by adding 10 gallons of water, what is the new brix?
b. How much water should you have added if your goal was 23B?

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