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The nuclear mass of 48Ti is 47.9359 amu. Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for 48Ti. Number J/ nucleon A moon rock collected by a U.S. Apollo mission is estimated to be 3.60 billion years old by uranium/lead dating. Assuming that the rock did not contain any lead when it was formed, what is the current mass of 206pb per 1.205 g of 238 U in the rock? The half-life of 238 U is t1/2 = 4.47 x 109 years. Number g Calculate the nuclear binding energy in mega-electronvolts (MeV) per nucleon for 177H if its nuclear mass is 176.943 amu. Number MeV/nucleon Balance this nuclear reaction by supplying the missing nucleus. 249 98 Cf+ ? 260 105 Db + 4'n Replace each question mark with an appropriate integer or symbol. The half-life of a positron is very short. It reacts with an electron, and the masses of both are converted to two gamma-ray photons: ie+_ie 2y This reaction is called an annihilation reaction. The mass of an electron or positron is 9.109 x10-31 kg. (a) Calculate the energy produced by the reaction between one electron and one positron. Number J (b) Assuming that the two y-ray photons have the same frequency, calculate this frequency. Number V photon = Hz Calculate the radiation dosage (in grays) for an 69-kg person that is exposed for 8.0 seconds to a 3.0 Ci source of beta radiation. Assume that 100% of the radiation is absorbed and each beta particle has an energy of 1.6x10 13 J. Number 2.3 X 10 15 Gy What is the activity of a 47.9 uCi sample of carbon-14 in becquerels? Number 1432000 Bq Calculate the effective radiation dosage (in sieverts) for a 83-kg person who is exposed to 5.4 x 109 particles of alpha radiation. Assume that 85% of the radiation is absorbed, each alpha particle has an energy of 5.4x 10-13 J, and that the RBE of the alpha particles is 15. Note that RBE is sometimes called the quality factor, abbreviated as Q. Number Sv

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