Many people have said that cold water boils faster than hot water. This is not true. In fact, it's been said so many times that most people believe it to be a fact.

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Postulate a reason for why this may have been thought to be true. Is there any scientific evidence backing this claim at all? Please explain your reasoning. I have personally never believed this. I was always the one that uses hot water to make my velvetta and cheese faster! Anyways, one may think that cold water boils faster then warm water. The following is an explanation on why one may think the statement above may be true. The rate of heating depends on the liquid and its surrounding( which would be on the woodstove, stove, etc). Thus, cold water will absorb heat faster. However, once is turns warm, the water will slow down the heating rate, and will slowly trickle to a boil. It may be an
allusion to one that sees cold water start boiling first, however, that is due to cold water reaching absorption rate.

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Let’s start this discussion by using the mathematical equation for heat: q = mCΔT; where q is the amount of heat, m is the mass of the substance, c is a constant for a particular substance known as specific heat (for water its value is 4.184 J/g °C), and ΔT is the change in temperature involved in the heating process....

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