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1) Give the correct name (A-C) or draw the structure (D-F) for each of the following compounds, and use cis/trans, E/Z: R/S labeling when appropriate

2) Determine the stereochemical relationships between the structures given below, and show how you were able to determine the stereochemical relationships using Fisher projections. The possible relationships are, mesomeric, same, enantiomeric and diastereomeric

3) A. Draw all stereoisomers associated with 3-bromo-2-chloroPentane. B. Draw all stereoisomers associated with 1,2-dimethylCyclopenatne. Draw the fisher projections for all stereoisomers associated with 3-bromo-4-chloroButane and draw the fisher projections for all stereoisomers associated with 1,2-dimethylCyclopenatne.

4) Convert the "Newman projection" or sawhorse structure below to the appropriate fisher projection. Determine the relationship of the mirror image of each compound by using symbols

5) Determine the number of chiral centers for compound below, and determine the absolute configurations (i.e., R or S) of all chiral carbon centers among the compound below.

6) Provide two products for each elimination given below and provide a detailed mechanism for each elimination

7) Provide the products for the substitution reactions given, below and provide the stereochemistry whenever possible.

8) Show one method as to how you would synthesize the molecules below by utilizing substitution reactions.

9) Provide one additional tri-substituted product for A and two mono-substituted product for B, and provide detailed mechanisms for the substitution reactions given below.

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