Experiment 4: Recrystallization
- Complete pre-lab summary, emphasizing detailed experimental procedure.
Introduction and Experimental
- Purpose of the experiment/techniques used
- Reference the lab manual (note any changes to the procedure)
- Unknown sample code
- Unknown appearances after recrystallization
- Masses of EACH unknown before and after recrystallization (4 values)
- Percent recoveries from recrystallization (2 calculations) %
Recovery = Mass after recrystallization   * 100
-                Mass before recrystallization
- Percent recoveries from initial mixture (2 calculations) i.e.
% Carboxylic acid = Mass of recrystallized carboxylic acid *100
- Initial mass of mixture
- Table of solubility tests (include your unknown with the solvent you chose)
- Discuss in one paragraph the THEORY of the solubility tests (specific, why do the tests? how did you use the results?)
- Describe in one paragraph the THEORY of the recrystallization process (overall, how does it work? Why do we do it?)
- Comment on recovery yields; sources of error
- Summary of experiment /1Lab
Performance Deductions
- Any mark deductions for unsafe/untidy lab practices

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Introduction and Experimental
The purpose of this experiment is to purify the unknown carboxylic acid and neutral compound through recrystallization process which were obtained after the extraction from Experiment 3. In this experiment, the suitable recrystallizing solvent is to be determined for unknown carboxylic acid and neutral compound. Moreover, it is used to remove the impurities which were trapped into the crystalline network of compounds.
The experiment was carried out as outlined in “Experiment 4: “Recrystallization of Two Unknowns” from the Chemistry 2513 Lab Manual Introductory Organic Chemistry Part 1, 2015, p. 36-39.

The unknown sample code was (). The appearance of the initial solid mixture was white solid before recrystallization and crystalline white solid after recrystallization. Compounds were recovered after recrystallization through filtration.
The aqueous part was clear crystalline and neutral was white crystalline solid after recrystallization. The mass obtained after recrystallization was shown in Table 1 for unknown carboxylic acid and neutral compounds...

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