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Copolymer composition equation for chain reaction is given by the equation,
d[M1]/d[M2] = [M1](r1[M1]+[M2])/[M2]([M1]+r2[M2]
d[M1]/d[M2] is the molar ratio of the two monomers and is related to the concentrations of the feed [M1] and [M2] and monomer reactivity ratio parameters i.e. r1 and r2.
Here, r1 is lesser than unity means that m1* preferentially adds M2. Whereas r2 is greater than unity means M2* preferentially adds to M2.
When M1 and M2 undergo radical chain copolymerization with r1 = 0.1 and r2 = 10.0, then r1 x r2 = 1. This is known as ideal polymerization.
d[M1]/d[M2] = [M1]r1/[M2]...

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