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These exercises are designed to increase your familiarity with the use of SciFinder, by using it to find syntheses for given target molecules. You will then use the original papers that you find from your searches to give the retrosynthetic analysis and synthesis used for each target compound. Suggest disconnections and syntheses for each of the following five compounds, from the given starting material in each case. Note: you should first use SciFinder to do a Chemical Structure search for each target molecule. Make sure that you perform "exact" searches, not substructure searches. Once you have identified the target molecule among the hits that you obtain, use the green conical flask button to find "Reactions" where the target is a "Product". In some cases there are several syntheses in the literature for a given target, and so where necessary I have given you the first author and year of the paper which I want you to use, so that you will know that you are working from the correct reference. You should study the synthesis given in each of the appropriate papers, and use this to draw the retrosynthetic approach used for each target (show the disconnections and precursors for each step). You should then draw out the synthesis, giving reagents and conditions for each step. Comment on any measures taken to control the outcome of the reactions. You should also draw a "curly-arrow" mechanism for the synthesis of example 5 ONLY. Make sure that you also give the literature reference for each synthesis. Your answers may be hand-written, and you do not need to use a wordprocessor or ChemDraw. O O 1. from Ph CO2Et (Harikrishna, 2012) o o 2. from OEt CO2Et P.T.O. o O 3. from CO2H (Kumar, patent, 2002) Ph 4. O from Pht CN NC (McMinn, 2009) o o 5. from HO (Cameron, 1989 and 1986; you will need both papers)

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