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1) How many distinct alkynes exist with a molecular formula of C4H61 A) o B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 E)4 2) When is heated in methanol, the mayor organic product is em that is generated through an mechanism. A) ether, SNT B) ether, SN2 C) aldehyde SN1 D) alcohol SNZ E) alcohol, SNI 3) Which of the following describes an unsymmetrical addition reaction? A) propyte with 1 mole H2. Ni and heat B) propyne with 2 moles in OCI4 C) propyne with 1 mole Br2 in CCI4 D) propyne with Na/NH3 E) propyne with I mole HBr 4) Which of the following reagents should be used to convert hex-3-yne to (2)-hex-3-ene? A) H2. Pt B) Na. NH3 C) H2. Lindlar's catalyst D) H2SO4. H2O E) HgSO4. H2O How many moles of carbon - generated when - mote of the - AY 03 D) 4 Chem e 2011. 449). The halides in this structure may be classified - The following is A inhibitor that may find application in and treating cervical cancer CE N Cl CT M CI A) vinyl B) aryl 9 viny! & aryl D) allylic completion, how many different seven-carbon hydrocarbons were produced? platinum 7) A catalyst until hydrogen uptake ceased If one assumes that the hydrogenation went to mixture of hept-1-yne, hept-2-yne, and hept-3-yne was hydrogenated in the presence of a A) 1 B) 2 C). 3 D) 6 E) 8 8) A carbon-hydrogen bond in ethane (CH3CH3) is best described a . A) highly polar B) essentially nonpolar C) ionic D) a multiple bond E) resonance stabilized 8J. yollowing reaction goes via SNI machanism. Writal the complete for this reaction and show all of and products formal XIT cl CH3 is the major) probbet ad the Kollowing acid reaction? - - appointion A) 8) HO D) OH E) H 10). Selects the least reactive compoand in an Ssl reaction. a F Br L A B C D n Comider the energy diagrams labeled n and B givens below. A Which of the folloning is correct with respect to these diagrama?? a A represents an Ss2 reaction. b. B represents an Sul reaction. c. B represents an $x2 reviction. d. A represents an reaction e both a and b C both e and d 12). How many asymmetric carbon atoms are present in the molecule shown? A) 0 B) I C) 2 D)3 E) 4 13) Which of the molecules below is an ester? A) CH3CH2CH(CH3)2 B) CH3OCH2CH2CH3 C) CH3COOH D) CH3COOCH3 E) HC=CCH3 14) Which of the following is not a possible termination step in the free radical chlorination of methane? A) CH3 + Cl2 CH3C1 + CI B) CH3 + CI- CH3CI C) CH3 + CH3 - CH3CH3 D) A and B E) B and C answers for following questions in the space given. Provide structores whem secessary n Provide the major seganie product or products of the Bollewing reactiones. CI # Brg. " - NaSCH, - - - CH, (CH, 02.1120 - H H L H,0 2. NaBH4 25) Which of the following alky! halides is most likely to undergo in an SN1 e A) 8) o 3-chloropentane D) E) 26) Which of the fillowing is a tertiary halide? A) B) C) D) E) 27) What is the IUPAC name of the compound shown below? HyC, CHCCH, a A) B) C) D) E) 19) Which of the Sollowing describes A) - is a meso compound B) It is achiral. It contains two carbons. D) Its diastereomer - 20) E) It la the an towest energy conformation of the compound below, baw many alky! substiments - axialt? has Ch, (M,CLINE CH,CH, A) C D)3 E)6 21) Which of the following alkyl chlorides will undergo SN2 reaction most readily? A) B) 2-bromo-4-methylpontare C) 2-bromo-3-medlylpentses D) 3-bromo-2methy/preature E) 2-bromo-2-methylpentans A) They rotate the of polarized light by differing amounts and in opposite same direction 22) Which of the the following plane of polarized light by exactly the same amount and in opposite directions. directio statements correctly pertains to a pair of enantionners? C) B) They They rotate rotate the plane plane of polarized light by differing amounts and in the E) D) They have the same melting point, but they have different boiling points. The have different melting points. 16) Which of the following compounds - not a constitutional isomer of * comporand with an empirical formula C3H70 and a formula mass of 118.1647 A) o. o B) HO on C) OH on D) OR 3) o 7) What term describes the structural relationship between and trans- }-dimethyleyclopentane? ) not isomers 3). Complete the following reaction by filling in the appropriate reagents as * ar 4). Draw the Newman projection of the highest energy conformation that results from rotation about the C2-C3 bond of 2-methylbutane. 5). Draw the most stable conformation of Consider the Dail of rescuons below to the following H2O SH, RSH a Which reaction would be prodicted to be fawier? a b. Explain your answer to the question in part . 7) List the following bromides in order of their increasing reactivity as substrates in SN1 reactions: 2-chlorobutane, 2-iodobutane, and 1-iodobutane.

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Part 1
1) C) 2
2) E
3) E
4) C
5) C...

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