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1) Fill in ary nonboading electrons the structure below N12 to- 2) what kind of hybridisation do you expect for each casbon the molewies below - & Do, toll 3) Indicate how many hydrogens are bonded to each carbon'the molewole below Tain o that o 4) what band angles do expect the individual carbons to exhibit ? 153 Fll 1 5) which of the following molecular diple moment 05 CI oid it 6) which of the following paiis represent(s). Pass of resousice structures (a) CHECEN and CH3-=-1-00 to (b) and 2-H (c) at and EI NH2 (d) cu REAT = N of and 3 C42-N59 Pe: no i) Drow whery reasamable structures PL you Ca,n for the molecules below (+) H2Hi a NHz N112 8) Write products for the following Biansted howey acid -buse reactoms Labet the and, base conjugate aned, + conjuyate base CH3OH 42504 = eHo, = CHENAT,CT NADA - 1 ham = I dantify the Lewis and and Lewn each reaction below H CH2 O112 :-ifa i j T.CH4 & A - DA BH3 e of . Calculate formal charges en the antons indivated cashight H2 C NEN: 1 I th SIIA

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