Assignment - Adult and Pediatric Formulation
Pick an existing drug in the market. Write a report describing how the drug is formulated for adults and pediatrics. Include the relevant information pertaining to the formulation composition, the excipients and their quality standards, the storage conditions and its shelf-life information. Describe a hypothetical situation on how you can develop an alternate delivery system and formulation for this drug.
Stick to a 3 page limit. Use tables and flow charts to explain instead of only text. Provide all references at the end of the assignment. Provide the original reference articles separately.

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Generally, the tablet is considered as the most economical and user-friendly dosage form for patients particularly adults. When it comes to children despite the fact that tablets are major marketed formulation with a significant percentage but certain population like children and aged patients are unable to swallow tablets, and similar dosage form like capsules or sometimes drug has bitter taste which makes it difficult for patient compliance thus an alternative forms were developed to overcome this issue such as modified or alternate or novel drug delivery system (Figure 1). There are some other issues also observed in the children such as poor palatability, and lack of correct dosage strength with tablets. Therefore, a pediatric formulation developed to provide more appropriate oral formulations for children (Zajicek, 2013; Batchelor, 2015).
Mefloquine is an antimalarial drug (Figure 2) used to treat mild or acute malaria caused by P. falciparum or P. vivax. Its...

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