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5. Synchesis Reactions Draw the major products for the following reactions (need nol show byproducts). (3 points cach,21 points) SD2 Br air only) it ay (besure tospecity the (sm) HO,S Riz Felly AIC, Mays or H2Sa, Hales LI yr by & Syndotation Rank he fellowing with eing highest/most Sachility 2 05 or Heat of hydrogenation 2 3 - ion Stability 2 iNo Lewisacio, Reactisity toond nucleoghile 3 2 monition y TETAN: i hoy" Sablite thecations 0200 2 O Of 6. One of the following acidic than the other Circle the mose acidic one, and explain very briefly why? (3 points) 7. For the reaction show. a) Write -1,2" underneath the .2-audition product and -1,4" underneath the 1.4-addition product. 1 pt) Write "thermodynamic" and "kinetic" underneath the appropriate "thermedynamic control" "kine; centrol preducts pt) c) Draw the mechanism the reaction using formal arrow pushing. Draw both resonance structures for Lie intermediate. (4 pts) H-Br 8 the mechanism for formation the product shown b) I Druw thres resonance structures for the cation intermediate and circle the best one (the one the grealest contribution the hybridi HO-NO2 H2504 "NO2 "act "deact" directing -NO. -CO-H 10. Draw the Reactents for the Following( points'i 1HC sig-lay d CO2CH, 11. Provide Reagents for the following Transformations (5 points each) or NO2

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