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Using between 3 and 5 of the papers discuss the following statement:
Inflammation is a complex physiological response. In order to elucidate its mechanism, it is necessary utilize multiple methodologies, each of which can contribute to our understanding of the processes involved which may lead to strategies for alleviating pathological inflammatory conditions.

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Inflammation is a complex physiological response

Inflammation is a key and critical process which occurs in response to stimuli like harmful and toxic agents or pathogens. It is one of the kinds of protective mechanism related to our immune system which involves immune cell, blood vessels, and different mediators. Inflammation is an innate immunity which is naturally present in our body. Inflammation process can be characterized by pain, heat, redness, swelling and finally loss of function in the area of inflammation. These signs are specific for skin and in case of deep tissues or organs they may or may not be noticeable. In simple words it could be classified as acute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is a primary and immediate response in order to fight against the harmful stimuli causing a series of biochemical reactions. Whereas chronic inflammation is a prolonged inflammation leading to a progressive destruction as well as healing of the tissue at the inflammatory site and may cause several diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and cancers (Steinmeyer, 2000).

Generally, inflammation process is very useful in mitigating infections and wounds, but if prolonged unnecessary then leads to discomfort and harm tissues. There are several causes which lead to inflammation like injuries, bacterial and viral infections. The molecular mechanism of inflammation is quite complex and not fully understood yet. There are four processes occurs during inflammation described by Aulus Cornelius Celsus (a Roman medical writer) as rubor or redness, calor or heat, tumor or swelling, and dolor or pain....

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