Consider whether the following statements are correct or not. Pharmacokinetics of the drug follows a specifically partment model.The elimination of the drug can be described by the following equation:C=C(0)*e -k*t. The half life of the drug is 12 hours.

Justify responses by showing calculations!

a) The elimination rate constant is 0,058 h.

b) It takes 60 hours for 87.5% of the intravenous dose to be eliminated from the body

c) It takes twice as low time to eliminate 37.5 mg of the drug after an intravenous dose of 50 mg compared with the time required to eliminate 50 mg after a dose of 100 mg.

d) The percentage of the dose remaining 24 hours after administration of an intravenous dose is 12:25

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a) The elimination rate constant is 0.058 / h.
Ans. Correct, because the elimination rate constant K = 0.693/ t1/2 = 0.693/12 = 0.058 /h...

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