Answer the following questions:

* Calculate the number of moles of aluminum, sulfur, and oxygen atoms in 4.00moles of aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3.

* Calculate the number of moles of magnesium, chlorine, and oxygen atoms in 6.70moles of magnesium perchlorate, Mg(ClO4)2.

* A sample of propane, C3H8, contains 12.2moles of carbon atoms. How many total moles of atoms does the sample contain?

* Calculate the number of molecules in 9.00moles H2S.

* Calculate the number of moles of Cl atoms in 1.20×1024formula~units of magnesium chloride, MgCl2

* What is the mass of 2.60moles of magnesium chloride, MgCl_2?

* How many moles of nitrogen, N, are in 68.0g of nitrous oxide, N2O?

* How many moles of methane are produced when 48.1moles of carbon dioxide gas react with excess hydrogen gas?

* How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 65.1moles of water vapor?

* What is the molar mass of butane, C4H{10}?

* How many moles of HF will react completely with 5.90mol of SiO2 ?

* What mass of water (in grams) is produced by the reaction of 46.0g of SiO2 ?

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Basically, No of moles of A and B in n moles of any compound AxBy
is: moles of A=n*x
& moles of B =n*y.

In 4.00moles of aluminum sulfate,
number of moles of
aluminum: 4*2=8

>In 6.70moles of magnesium
perchlorate, Mg(ClO4)2,
the number of moles of
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