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1. The decomposition of magnesturn carbonate (MgCO3) is an industrially important reaction asa widely used method for producing magnesium oxide (c.g., appliedas thermal insulation or in Portland cement)- The calcination temperature (i.c, the temperature of decomposition) isa crucial control parameter in obtaining a specific type of MgO product- This "calcination reaction" proceeds as follows: We seekto know the cquilibrium temperature at which the calcination reaction will occur under standard conditions (1 bar). To proceed a Determine at 298 K (and 1 bar). b. Determine AGTxn at 800 K (and 1 bar). C Plot (T) between 300-800 K (at 1 bar) with at least 10 points of data (using a computer spreadsheet is encollraged). d. Estimate the equilibrium temperature of decomposition of MgCO= under standard: state conditions (Note the actual temperature of decomposition in an industrial reactor will tend to be much higher, and will Vary depending on the intended use of the Mg0 product). se P298 K a b C (kJ J mol-1) (]K¹ mol-1) MgO(s) -601.659 26.95 42.59 7.28 x 10 3 -619232 CO2 (g) -393.509 213.63 44.22 8.79 x 10 -861904 MgCO:(s -1111.396 65.69 82.55 5.25x10-2 -1986563 whereCg(r)=a+br+cT-2 2. Silica (SiO2) has numerous crystalline phases, the most common of which is quartz since itis thermodynatinically stable at ambient conditions. As pressure increases at recar ambient temperature, quartz transforms into a denser cystalline phase, cocsite, and eventually transforms into the high-pressure phase, stishovite- a Estimate the equilibrium transition pressure of the quattz to coesite phase transition at 298 K (in units of GPa) using the following data: S29BK v (k] (] quartz -910.94 41.84 22.69 consite -908.01 38.91 20.64 *Note: use only the information provided. and make reasonable assumptions to account for the information that is missing. b. Estimate the equilibrium pressure of the same phase transition at 1000 K (also in units of GPa). C. Compare your results to the phase diagram below. Have you made an accurate estimation of the transition pressures? What additional information would be useful in achieving higher accuracy? 10 Stishovite 8 Coesite 6 4 2 ß-Quartz a-Quartz 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100 Temperature (K)

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