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Read the article IR ABSORPTION: Rotation - Vibration Spectrum of HCI. Answer the following questions. CALCULATIONS AND GRAPHS 1. You should notice two groups of lines in spectrum, separated by a slight "empty space" corresponding to 00, the frequency of the forbidden transition. You might wish to compare your spectrum with the schematic spectrum in Shoemaker,etal¹ Identify the R- and P branches: The lines with wavenumbers higher than are lines of the R-branch; those with lower wave-numbers belong to the P-branch. 2. Index the lines of your selected spectrum with the appropriate m-values: In the R- branch the first line "above" 00 has m =1, the next has m = 2, etc. The P-branch lines are indexed similarly. The first line "below" 00 has m = -1, the next has m = -2, etc. 3. Prepare a table of these m-values and the corresponding values of wm Express the frequencies to the nearest 0.1 cm³¹, if possible. Add a column to the table for A wm. Notice that although all the A w m values are similar (close to 2Beq, as you will see later), they differ slightly.

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1. There are two isotopes of chorine that are the most abundant – Cl 35 which makes 75.78% and Cl 37 which makes 24.22%. The amount of second isotope is still significant, therefore the considerable amount of hydrochloride molecules have Cl 37 instead of 35. Because the positions of lines in spectrum depends on the reduced mass through the rotational constant, the hydrochloride molecule with Cl 37 has different positions of rotational transitions than Cl 35. The reduced mass of the second is...

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